We can offer you some interesting concepts for the bar design. Or you can come up with the concept and we do the rest to keep you, and your guests, totally entertained.

The Mixologist do it all with care, making it all worthwhile.
Add to the joy of the day with our fun and colourful cocktails which range from the alcoholic to the light to the non-alcoholic.

We craft drinks like no other.

Weddings are celebrations. You want only the best and you craft each and every detail. Take your wedding to a higher level and let us craft your cocktails. Make it a truly unforgettable one.

At The Mixologist we add more fun to your wedding with colourful, crafted concoctions that many of your guests have never have seen, tasted or held in their hands. The Mixologist delivers a uniquely-crafted show of colour and taste.

We manage everything connected to the cocktail bar, providing the ingredients, the shakers, the staff if needed, and also your bar of choice, which we can design to any specifications.