Cocktail Book

Crafting the book of cocktails


Nothing beats a cocktail. If crafted well it looks good, it feels good and it sure tastes good. There are many secrets to prepare the perfect cocktail. And there is now a way of finding out all those secrets.

James Aquilina, the man behind The Mixologist, has written his own book of cocktails. In it he reveals all his secrets, all his methods and many of his recipes for you to enjoy at home.

Before the blender was launched some years back, the art of preparing cocktails was just for the specially-gifted and the ones with the proper instruments. Now all this has changed and you too can enjoy crafted cocktails, The Mixologist way.

Get the book, the Mixology Art of Cocktails and learn the professional way. You’ll enjoy well-crafted cocktails and your lover, friends and family will be mesmerised.

Glossy, glitzy, gloriously illustrated, the book packs in all the experience James Aquilina has in the line of crafting cocktails. And it is all easily explained, with hundreds of different cocktails to please everyone, any time.