James Aquilina is Malta’s leading mixologist and he was the pioneer who stirred Malta’s cocktail world into prominence. James introduced various trends, and made the art of cocktails known and available to a wide spectrum of people.

Crafting cocktails, and the actual craft of cocktails, have always been the world of James Aquilina, Malta’s own mixologist. He was the pioneer who stirred Malta’s cocktail world into prominence. James has been in the business since 1989 and since then he has introduced various trends and made the art of cocktails known and available to a wide spectrum of people.

He has won various awards both nationally and internationally and he has also come up with award-winning recipes for beautifully-crafted cocktails and bars. Besides his flair and his natural aptitude for anything connected to drink he is also very good at coming up with different concepts for cocktail bars at various events. He heads The Mixologist, his own company specialising in anything drink-connected, and has been instrumental in crafting any event and venue into a spectacle of colour and fun.

James Aquilina excels at getting his team to turn up the tempo at any party, setting up cocktail bars, manning them and providing all necessary equipment and glassware. His acknowledged calmness and organisational skills make it all seem easy, seamless and flowing. James is also well known as the cocktail man on local TV.  James Aquilina, the mixologist who crafts away your cocktails while you relax and enjoy yourself at your event.

Institute of Tourism Malta
John White International Course Norway
International Bar Tenders Course Czech Republic
Shaker UK Flair Bar Course – UK Birmingham
Shaker UK Flair Bar Course – UK London




Italy Pensione Bacardi / Martini Grand Prix – 4 times
Spain Malaga Bacardi / Martini Grand Prix – 3 times
Spain Seville Flair Cocktail Competition (World Cup)
Portugal Algarve Cocktail Competition (EU Championship)
Germany Munich Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Competition
Sweden Stockholm Absolut Vodka Cocktail Competition
Denmark Copenhagen Cocktail Competition
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Flair Cocktail Competition (World Cup)
Slovenia Bled Flair Cocktail Competition (World Cup)
USA Las Vegas Flair Cocktail Competition (World Cup)
Taiwan Cau Chung Flair Cocktail Competition (World Cup)
Germany Berlin Flair Cocktail Competition (World Cup)
Singapore Singapore City World Cocktail Competition 2011
China Beijing World Cocktail Competition 2012