Corporate Events

Cocktails add a splash of fun to your event whatever it is, whatever its size. Cocktails specially crafted for you and your guests will be a highlight at weddings, parties, corporate events, barbecues, birthdays and wherever people gather to enjoy themselves.

All you need to do is contact The Mixologist, discuss the best way forward for the event, and leave all the magic of the event in anything drink-connected in the hands of this most experienced and able team.

When you organise any event you always want it to be the best. You want people to come, relax, feel the buzz, and go back home energised with a new experience, telling everyone about the amazing time you had.

To guarantee that all your events are great experiences, ask The Mixologist team to come over to your events and craft their own world of cocktails, bar-leasing and more.

The man who set up and runs The Mixologist is James Aquilina, Malta’s best-known and most experienced crafter of cocktails. He will organise his team to turn your event into a memorable experience.

Coming up with a theme, executing the theme, manning the bars, providing the necessary glasses, ice and drinks, will all be looked after by The Mixologist.

You just come up with an event, provide the venue, the guests and some other odds and ends. Then drinks and cocktails and the glitz will all be crafted and delivered by us.