The Mixologist The craft of mixing drinks, cocktails, bars and displays. At The Mixologist we do things right first time, every time. We deliver quality at weddings and all festivities and events. We craft cocktails beautifully while you, your loved ones or your clients mix around and fully enjoy the occasion.
We use quality products, fruits and original concepts in decoration and cocktail crafting, and will guide you to the best practice and trends in the world of cocktail crafts to give more colour to your event.
James Aquilina, Malta’s first mixologist. Established in 1989.


Let The Mixologist craft your cocktails at your wedding and make it a truly unforgettable one.
We’ll take your wedding to a higher level.

Cocktail Book

Get a copy of the book by Malta’s own mixologist. In this book James Aquilina reveals all his secrets, all his methods and many of his recipes for you to enjoy at home.

Finest Call

To craft its range of cocktails, The Mixologist has always insisted on using the finest range of products. That is why it always chooses Finest Call, the leading brand for anything connected to cocktails, drinks and quality.